01. Some people believe that one year in the life of a human is [equivalent] to seven years in a cat's life.
02. At the present time, one American dollar is [equivalent] to approximately $1.35 Canadian.
03. It is sometimes difficult for me to find words in English that are [equivalent] to what I can say in French.
04. To buy an average house in Boston would cost me the [equivalent] of about 5 years' salary.
05. One glass of beer is [equivalent] to a glass of wine, in terms of alcohol content.
06. Women will not be satisfied until their wages are [equivalent] to those of men doing the same kind of work.
07. Harriet is such a slow worker. Betty can do an [equivalent] amount of work in half the time Harriet takes.
08. You need to have completed full-time [equivalency] for three sessions before you can become a permanent employee.
09. The Innu language of Northern Quebec has no [equivalent] for the word "music" because for them, music is everywhere, in every living thing.
10. A housefly crawling one centimeter up a wall expends energy [equivalent] to 3 trillion eV.
11. Alice Walker once said, "The animals of the planet are in desperate peril, and without free animal life, I believe we will lose the spiritual [equivalent] of oxygen."
12. The average cat food meal is the [equivalent] of about five mice.
13. The alcohol content of the typical bottle of beer, glass of wine, and single mixed drink is [equivalent].
14. Marie de Medici wore a special dress which cost the [equivalent] of twenty million dollars at the time it was made in 1606.
15. The average hurricane generates energy roughly [equivalent] to 400 20-megaton bombs exploding in one day.
16. Generic non-prescription drugs are chemically [equivalent] to brand-name drugs, but are usually cheaper.
17. A report released after the destruction of the WTC by terrorist attacks stated that the fires in the buildings generated heat [equivalent] to the output of a nuclear power plant.
18. Aldous Huxley once said that his father considered a walk among the mountains as the [equivalent] of churchgoing.
19. Islamic law holds that in a dispute, the testimony of two women is [equivalent] to that of one man.
20. Scientists estimate that laughing 100 times is [equivalent] to a 10-minute workout on a rowing machine, or to 15 minutes on a stationary exercise bike.
21. You can pay by cash, check, bank draft or money order, in British funds or [equivalent].
22. It is not always possible to find an [equivalence] in one language for an idea expressed in another.
23. A recent study has revealed that one hour of study during the day is the [equivalent] of one and a half hours of study at night.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.


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